Dogman & Riggers

Offering such a broad range of cranes and servicing so many job sites, we often require a dogman. Our dogman are trained to efficiently communicate between the load that the operator is lifting and the operator. Using fully licensed and secure radios, whistles and hand signals they often communicate for when we have blind spots on our site. The amount of load needs expertise on different weights, sizes and shapes, including the lifting capacity of the crane.

At Diamond Valley Mobile Crane Hire, our dogman will find the safest approach to attach and move the load, simultaneously meeting all the safety standards with the crane drivers and the workers in the vicinity using radio, whistles or hand signals.

We provide a complete package of crane hire and dogman/riggers. We are efficient on the land, outdoors, factories, accident recovery sites, ships, docks and even mine sites. Our professionals transform the way workers perceive potentially hazardous and high risk working environments.

Our Services :

Our riggers are highly trained to,

  • Assemble, install, position and secure rigging gear
  • Determine the best and effective manner to lift the load
  • Control and monitor the safe movement of heavy equipment
  • Ensure that all the safety regulations and standards are met onsite