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  • Experienced Team – With a team of highly trained operators and industry professionals – we ensure we have a strict compliance with OH&S guidelines. .Our staff regularly undergo training on safety awareness and other relevant industry updates. DV Cranes offer free site inspections and can also issue a lift plan once you job is book, if required.
  • Environmental Considerations – Our low noise and negligible polluting mobile cranes are perfect for sites in highly populated areas. DV Cranes and staff ensure that a high level of care is taken towards noise, vibration, air quality, flora & fauna, water quality, soil contamination, groundwater contamination, fire, waste management and natural heritage preservation.
  • Advanced Technology – With ground breaking technology like Variable Based 60T Liebherr , our mobile cranes are boasting some of the most advanced technology in the state.
  • Reliability – Our well maintained fleet ensure reliable service and keeps our equipment up to date and on time.
  • Expertise in all aspects of crane hire – 50 Years of industry experience means we have tackled almost every task one can imagine. At DV Cranes we pride ourselves on our precision and tight access capabilities.
  • Committed to OH&S – DV Cranes perform regular equipment inspections and update the relevant certifications without fail. DV Cranes also take into account your site specific safety requirements. Feel free to contact us for any special requirements you may have.

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At DV Mobile Crane Hire, Crane hire is made simple with our highly efficient operators and administration staff. With a large fleet of cranes and services, we have the flexibility and capacity to provide the services your require with 100% job satisfaction.

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