Access Equipments

DV Mobile Crane Hire provide a wide range of services to complete your project. Along with our large selection of cranes, our access equipment is provided for specialized jobs to easier onsite access and improve safety. The access equipment can lift materials to the most hard-to-reach places, or support the personal. Our services are available for all sectors of the construction. All equipment is available on a daily or weekly basis.

  • Spreader Bar – Assist with lifting sensitive loads from multiple lifting points.
  • Material Cage – They are manufactured and rated to move loads with either forklift or crane.
  • Brick Cage – Designed to safely lift brick pallets. These are fully enclosed for safe load transport.
  • Glass Lifter – Perfect for glass panels, windows and doors. Extendable, can cover 2/3rd of the glass for easy and safe transportation.
  • Pallet Lifter – Versatile piece of equipment, for either lifting pallets or getting under eves etc..
  • Man Cage – Suspended worker platforms which strictly meet OH&S strict requirements for workplaces. The access equipment creates a safe elevated work space and high efficiency at heights.
  • Machinery jacks and trolleys – Machinery jacks and trolleys are specialized machinery or equipment relocation aids to both lift and shift in confined spaces where a crane is just simply not an option.
  • Bog Mats and ground protection – Creates a larger contact patch for the crane outriggers to enhance safety on-site. They also provide ground protection to minimise the damage from crane wheels or tracks.